What Is Real Estate?


Real estate is a vital component of modern society and contributes significantly to

the economy. In simplest terms, it refers to land and the buildings on it that can be

bought and sold. This includes both residential and commercial properties as well as

the air space above and underground rights below the land. Real estate can also

include a variety of other assets such as mineral deposits and wild animals. It’s

important for individuals interested in buying, selling or investing in real estate to

have a thorough understanding of the industry.


The term “real estate” can have different meanings depending on context and the

intent of the speaker. The word itself is derived from the Latin “reale,” meaning real,

or genuine. It is used to describe anything that is a tangible, visible, and oftentimes

touchable object. Essentially, real estate can be anything from a suburban home to

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There are four main types of real estate: residential, commercial, industrial, and

vacant land. The residential category encompasses new construction and resale

homes, including single-family dwellings and multifamily apartment buildings. The

commercial category includes places of business such as malls and office buildings.

The industrial category primarily covers manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

Finally, the vacant land category is any land that has not been built on or otherwise



Whether a person is looking for a place to call home, a place to operate their

business, or an investment opportunity, the right real estate can make all the

difference. With the right knowledge, a person can navigate the real estate market

with ease and confidence.


When a person wants to buy or sell real estate, they typically work with a real estate

agent. These agents are licensed professionals who understand the local market and

know how to navigate real estate transactions. They can assist with everything from

finding a property to closing the deal.


A real estate agent can also help their clients find the best mortgage rates. They can

also help assemble legal documents, search for homes or businesses to purchase

and communicate with other parties involved in the transaction.


While real estate is not an easy industry to master, it can be extremely lucrative for

those who are knowledgeable. Individuals who are considering a career in real

estate can start by researching the various job opportunities and learning about the

real estate market. They can also seek out education programs that provide training

and certifications to get started in the field.


The most successful real estate agents are those who plan their business strategy

with purpose and intention. They take the time to develop a comprehensive and

thoughtful plan for their real estate practice, so they can achieve success and meet

their financial goals. To help them do this, NerdWallet has compiled a list of the best

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